by Alex Martin

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Written and recorded in Newcastle 2015. Thanks to Adrian for how much work he did on the EP and to all the people that put me on shows the last 12 months: Jack Lundie, Spencer Scott, William Houlcroft, Hamilton Station Hotel, Lass O'Gowrie Hotel.


released February 2, 2016

Music and lyrics: Alex Martin
Recorded, mixed and mastered: Adrian Mereles
Album Art: Adrian Mereles



all rights reserved


Alex Martin Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Grieving Process
Blame it all on the world,
As you stand there with that,
Flag unfurled,
Grieve in the way you know best,
Keep all those emotions,
Deep inside your chest

Hate now

Turn upon yourself,
Reach for the bottle,
It’s on that shelf,
Drown your thoughts today,
You know it’s the only way,
To stop the pain

Bleed now

Now you will lose your head,
With your eyes cast aside,
In the valley of death
How will you fight through the storm?
When your faith has been torn,
And their eyes fill with scorn,

Burn now

Rise from you barren grave,
And try to deny things,
You always craved.
Disguise the hate in your heart,
Always remember you were,
There from the start

Breathe now

Drink from the fountain,
In a daze of hopes and dreams,
Life is just a mountain,
It’s crumbling under me,
I won’t be the last one,
To climb the heights,
And touch the sun.

Live now
Track Name: Capsize
When boredom becomes boring,
And you search this empty house,
There’s nothing but dusty drawings,
Of this dirty town

As life’s swiftly moving,
You cannot find your feet,
You’re terrified of losing,
Awaiting your defeat

If I lived life by the bottle,
Would I see many years?
Would I discard all my sorrows?
My doubts and my fears?
Would I sail upon the forewind?
Or would I capsize in the sea?
I can’t right this ship alone,
Won’t you reach out to me?

Tide after tide,
Is drifting in today,
The anchor lines have broken,
It’s washing you away

You’ll never catch up now,
It’s all happened too fast,
So sit back my brother,
Open your beloved flask

Capsize, into the ocean,
Drowning, can’t find my feet
Track Name: Away Today
His head is held high,
As they lead him to the tree,
And with a look of fear in his eyes,
He says “You’ll never silence me”

He’s walking down that path today,
With no love to be found,
And the people have gathered,
From all corners of the town

They’re taking his life away,
Over across the seas today,
He let out a mighty call,
“The gallows will make brothers of us all”

Sitting in the tavern,
They found him drunk and alone,
The officer told him,
“Son it’s time you went home”

His life’s disappearing,
Yet he will never change,
Alone in his cell he could not,
Bring himself to pray

Redemption was not his cry,
Attrition was what he’d find,
Conditioned to this life
Track Name: Disconnect
Fear will always call your name,
Fear will always stoke the flame,
Fear will always take its hold,
Fear will always leave you cold

Now I’m running blinded,
Through my insecurities,
I wanted guidance,
But you abandoned me,
Now I’m standing,
On the path I’ll call my own,
I never thought that you’d,
Leave me here alone

Pride will always make you talk,
Pride will always start the fall,
Pride will always bring you doubt,
Pride will always spit you out

Love will always help you stand,
Love will always hold your hand,
Love will always make it known,
That love will always call you home!

Disconnect, my soul,
Disconnect, it all,
Disconnect, I can’t,
Disconnect, grow old
Track Name: Letter to Home
This is a letter home,
Reaching back across the years,
This is my broken hope,
Product of all my fears

Tell my friends it’s alright,
Tell my friends it’s looking bright,
Tell my friends I’m doing fine,
Tell my friends to sleep at night

This is a letter home,
Addressed to my family,
These are my broken bones,
It’s all going fine for me

Tell my family I’m okay,
Tell my family I found a way,
Tell my family not to mourn,
Tell my family I’m here to stay

This is a letter home,
From the depths of my heart,
This is my bar of soap,
Will it set me apart?

Tell my Father I have sinned,
Tell my Father where I’ve been,
Tell my Father to take heart,
I just want to be like Him