Heights and Other Phobias

by Alex Martin

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Recording and releasing music has been a quiet goal of mine since I was sixteen years old. To anyone who stumbles upon this page and listens, even if you think my music is uninspired tripe I thank you for your time.

My thanks go to my parents for encouraging me in music my entire life and paying for lessons. To Jim McIntyre and Stu Brown for devoting their time to teaching me to play guitar and sing respectively. Stephen Logan for letting me record my first demo in his bedroom.
Most importantly I'd like to thank Adrian, he put a great deal of his time and energy into this project and I'm blessed to have such a willing friend.


released February 4, 2015

Alex Martin - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Songwriting
Adrian Mereles - Producer, Engineer, Artwork, drum machine on Never, synth strings on A Lesson.

Recorded at Gypsy Castle Studios (aka. Adrian's garage)



all rights reserved


Alex Martin Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: The Search
The sun shines,
Yet no one cares,
Through cool breeze,
Or hot air,
Life rolls on

When on our own,
We search for answers, just searching,
Longing for home,
We continue to roam, still searching

We love this place,
Oh we crave this box,
It’s ours,
In fear of life,
Embrace of death,
See the powers

Though we’re drained of thirst,
This world still turns,
Awaiting our hearse,
Here on this earth,
Life rolls on,
Yeah we’re just searching
Track Name: Never
I never wanted this to be the end,
I've waiting here for you my friend,
And through all these countless years,
I've dealt with all of my fears

Never have I been in love,
Never could afford that drug,
Never wanted to hear,
Lord that the end is near

And is my past erased?
Or was my trust misplaced?
All I feel is guilt,
I can’t hide my disgrace,
All I have left is one question to ask,
Was there anything waiting for me at the bottom of this glass

Never have I been in love,
Never could afford that drug,
Never had the courage to say,
It wasn’t meant to go this way,
Never meant to eat those crumbs,
Never wanted broken lungs,
Never found the time of day,
Lord don’t let me walk away.
Track Name: Mystery
Where now should I place my trust?
These parts and gears creak with rust,
Deprived the opportunity to stay,
I never wanted this life to fray.

And while my time is done for now,
I will return, this I vow,
God where are you? I won’t make it through this drought,
I'm begging you please rip this cancer out.

Babylon the Great,
In your halls, the hangman waits,
You’ve stripped me of all pride and worth,
Mother of the abominations of the earth.


Strung up and waiting for death,
Through charred lips I drag my breathe,
If I make it by the skin of my teeth,
Will I have the strength to feed?

Track Name: Hollow
He walks into a bar,
After a long day at work,
And across the room he sees her,
Appearing through the murk,
He turns and passes by her,
Decides that it’s no use,
He wasn’t coming here,
To hear some lame excuse,
If his life was more on track,
If he could pay his bills,
Perhaps he’d have the courage to act,
Instead he heads home,
As he gets inside the door,
He simply mutters to himself
“I’m sorry but I’m broke,
And I’m running out of hope,
I’m terrified of moving on alone.”

As she’s at the same bar,
With her friends oh so few,
It’s then that she realised,
She’d be better off with you,
But there’s not much to be done now,
She never took the chance,
And as the night begins to howl,
There has to be a change,
She's walking out the door,
Not wanting to hit the floor,
Thinking of the God she knew,
Realises he’s not there,
Frustrated she wonders,
Damn this isn’t fair,
She says to herself,
“This town broke my soul,
And I’ll never be made whole,
I hope they remember to bury me with coal.”

They walk into that bar,
Order another drink,
That’s when they stop and realise,
Life isn’t what they think,
Turning to each other,
They couldn’t stand another thing,
So they scream
“I don’t want to be alive,
If all it means is going to work,
I’ve got other things to do,
So I’ll pack my bags and move.”
Track Name: A Lesson
It should be obvious to you by now,
In life I simply don’t have a clue,
And I pray that you’ve heeded this lesson,
I’ve been tell you, what not to do.